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Places to see on the Cape West Coast & Sandveld

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The word Aurora means daybreak and it is known as a very small & relaxing village situated in the middle of the Sandveld. This area can look very dry is the summer but when winter rain washes over this magnificent place it is turned into an abundant flower area.

In 1751 a French Astronomer named Abbe De la Caille, erected the McClear Beacon on the outskirts of Aurora.

To this day this beacon is the northernmost survey beacon on which the arc of meridian is measured. Aurora was established as a church centre for people who broke from the congregation in 1906. In 1866 restoration had started on this church. The present church was completed in 1906 and the first minister was reverend CR Ferreira. When his daughter was baptised he called her Ceylonia Aurora. This area is popular for its spring flowers & abundant bird life.

Activities in Aurora

It is a paradise for rare bird species. October month is when the migratory birds arrive. It includes species like Kleinstrandloper, the Krombekstrandloper, European Bee-eater and the Yellow-billed Kite in.

Goedverwacht Mission Station
In October 1808, 326 slaves from over 30 farms in this region rebelled and marched on Cape Town to demand their freedom. Goedverwacht, a Moravian mission station, was established here later when the slave descendants sold the land to the Moravian missionaries.

Hiking trails/ Mountain bike
Aurora MTB route. This mountain biking trail runs from the quiet little West Coast village tucked away on the edge of the Piketberg mountains up to Kapteinskop over 1000 meters above

McClear Survey Beacon
This beacon is the northernmost survey beacon on which the arc of meridian is measured.

More to do & see

  • Piketberg Mountains
  • Wild flowers
  • Arts & Crafts
  • National Monuments
  • San Rock Artwork